How many OZ of liquid to your mugs hold?

Our mugs are all designed to hold approx. 12 oz of liquid. However, the straight mugs and the flare mugs tend to hold more liquid (approx. 14-15 oz). Also, the handmade nature of our work means that each mug will be slightly different in terms of the exact volume that it holds. While many of our customers are OK with these natural variations, if you require your drinking vessel to hold a very specific volume of liquid, please think twice before purchasing.

I have purchased some of your pottery in the past in a pattern that I don’t see on your website. Can I purchase items in this pattern?

For the time being, we’re only offering our top 6 patterns directly through the web store. We have other patterns that are still offered wholesale to retailers around the country. If demand for certain patterns is high enough, we will consider adding more patterns in the future. In the mean time, please take a look at our Store Locator page to see if someone near you carries the item in the pattern you are looking for.

Will my pottery look exactly like what’s pictured on the website?

All of the pottery here is hand thrown using pottery wheels, and is never slip cast or mechanically produced. This means that although we throw our work to strict specifications, there will always be variations in the size and shape of each item. Also, we glaze and decorate all of our work by hand with recipes developed and perfected in-house over many years. Even though we strive for the most consistency we can manage, there will be color and pattern variations in our pottery, even among sets of items.