What is your privacy policy?

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Do you repair pottery?

We don’t do repairs on pottery, but we know some people that might be able to help, depending on the piece you want repaired. Contact us with the details of your piece, and we’ll try to put you in contact with someone.

How often do you restock your pottery?

We try to keep all of our high demand items in stock at all times. For others, we have a handy “Join Waitlist” button on the product page. Simply pick the product, the size, and the pattern you want it in. Click the “Join Waitlist” button and put in your email address and how many of that item you’re looking for, then hit “Email me when available”. This will send a message to us, letting us know exactly what you’re after. As soon as we replenish our stock of that item, an email will be sent to you letting you know that it is back in stock. Please be aware: joining the waitlist does not reserve items for you and they will be available on a first come, first serve basis. However, the email you receive will have a link to purchase the item, so you can quickly buy it before it goes out of stock again.

Do you offer pottery classes or workshops?

We used to teach classes at our former location, but we do not currently offer any pottery classes, although it is something we are interested in doing again in the future. Sign up for our newsletter and we will announce to everyone when we start offering classes again.

I purchased some of your pottery in the past, and I’m interested in purchasing new pieces that match what I have. Is this possible?

It would be great if we could get that level of consistency, but we cannot. Everything being handmade means that there are variations and differences between kiln firings and even within sets of items. When you order our dishes, we do everything we can to find a “matching” set for you at that time. However, there is no way for us to exactly match what you have in your home with what we have here. Our customers largely enjoy the handmade touches and variations in our pottery, but if that doesn’t sound appealing to you, please think carefully before purchasing.

Do you make custom pottery pieces?

We very rarely do commission work for individuals. Keep in mind, there are less than 10 full-time employees at SCP, and we do a lot of wholesale orders, so that leaves us very little time to tackle side projects. If you have something in mind, contact us with details on the project, including when you need the item(s) by, and we’ll get back to you to let you know if we or anyone else can handle the project.

Do you have a store that I can visit?

We no longer have a physical location that we sell from. The store that was in Dripping Spring, TX is now closed, and the manufacturing side of the business has moved into Austin. We do have many galleries all across the country that stock our work, so there’s a good chance that you can find our work somewhere close to you!