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It would be great if we could get that level of consistency, but we cannot. Everything being handmade means that there are variations and and differences between kiln firings and even within sets of items. When you order our dishes, we do everything we can to find a “matching” set for you at that time. However, there is no way for us to exactly match what you have in your home with what we have here. Our customers largely enjoy the handmade touches and variations in our pottery, but if that doesn’t sound appealing to you, please think carefully before purchasing.

We try to keep all of our high demand items in stock at all times. For others, we have a handy “Join Waitlist” button on the product page. Simply pick the product, the size, and the pattern you want it in. Click the “Join Waitlist” button and put in your email address and how many of that item you’re looking for, then hit “Email me when available”. This will send a message to us, letting us know exactly what you’re after. As soon as we replenish our stock of that item, an email will be sent to you letting you know that it is back in stock. Please be aware: joining the waitlist does not reserve items for you and they will be available on a first come, first serve basis. However, the email you receive will have a link to purchase the item, so you can quickly buy it before it goes out of stock again.

We don’t do repairs on pottery, but we know some people that might be able to help, depending on the piece you want repaired. Contact us with the details of your piece, and we’ll try to put you in contact with someone.

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While we do occasionally make custom pottery for people, it really depends on what the project is and how busy we are in our regular production cycle. Keep in mind, there are less than 10 full-time employees at SCP, and we do a lot of wholesale orders, so that leaves us very little time to tackle side projects. If you have something in mind, contact us with details on the project, including when you need the item(s) by, and we’ll get back to you to let you know if we or anyone else can handle the project.

We used to teach classes at our former location, but we do not currently offer any pottery classes, although it is something we are interested in doing again in the future. Sign up for our newsletter and we will announce to everyone when we start offering classes again.

All of our pottery is food safe and our glazes are lead, cadmium, and barium free. Please see our care and use page for more details.

We no longer have a physical gallery where we sell our work. The store that was in Dripping Spring, TX is now closed, and the manufacturing side of the business has moved into Austin. We do have many galleries all across the country that stock our work, so there’s a good chance that you can find our work somewhere close to you!

Product Information

All of the pottery here is hand thrown using pottery wheels, and is never slip cast or mechanically produced. This means that although we throw our work to strict specifications, there will always be variations in the size and shape of each item. Also, we glaze and decorate all of our work by hand with recipes developed and perfected in-house over many years. Even though we strive for the most consistency we can manage, there will be color and pattern variations in our pottery, even among sets of items.

Aurora, Luna Verde, and Nebula are all tricky glazes to get right in the kiln. They are prone to bubbling and pitting more than the other patterns. For this reason certain forms and sizes, all of which are at higher risk of loss than normal, are not available in these patterns.

For the time being, we’re only offering our top 6 patterns directly through the web store. We have other patterns that are still offered wholesale to retailers around the country. If demand for certain patterns is high enough, we will consider adding more patterns in the future. In the mean time, please take a look at our Store Locator page to see if someone near you carries the item in the pattern you are looking for.

We still make both the large and small sized mugs wholesale, but we only offer the large size directly on our web store. Please contact a local shop near you to inquire about purchasing the smaller sized mugs

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Our mugs are all designed to hold approx. 12 oz of liquid. However, the straight mugs and the flare mugs tend to hold more liquid (approx. 14-15 oz). Also, the handmade nature of our work means that each mug will be slightly different in terms of the exact volume that it holds. While many of our customers are OK with these natural variations, if you require your drinking vessel to hold a very specific volume of liquid, please think twice before purchasing.

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Due to security reasons, we cannot accept credit card numbers over the phone. It’s better for everyone if we never see or hear your personal information. Our website and shopping cart are SSL certified, and we process all payments through Stripe.

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We use Stripe for our payment processing. We do not have any plans for using Paypal at this time.

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We ship all of our products via UPS ground. above is a map with transit times from our zip code. Please add 2-3 days for processing time.

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Sorry, but we only sell and ship within the continental United States, and have no plans the change that in the near future.

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Due to the expense and the difficulty of ensuring that our product can travel those distances without being damaged, we only ship to addresses in the continental United States.

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