Pottery Care and Use

Food Safe

We mix all of our own glazes here to ensure proper balance and firing results. All of our glazes are Lead and Barium free. Because we make high fire stoneware, all of our glazes are properly matured in the kiln, ensuring that there is no leaching.

Dishwasher Safe

All of our stoneware is dishwasher safe, and it is actually recommended to put your pottery through the dishwasher periodically to ensure no bacterial buildup on crazed surfaces.

Oven Safe

All of our stoneware is oven safe when placed in a COLD oven that is then brought up to temperature. Placing a cold piece of pottery into a hot oven can cause it to crack and break from the sudden temperature change.

Microwave Safe

Our stoneware is microwave safe EXCLUDING our plates. Heating food on our plates can create concentrated hot spots that stress the pottery, causing cracks. Also, certain glaze patterns will heat up quickly and may be hot to the touch, so take care when removing pottery from the microwave.

NOT For Stove Top or Open Flame

None of our forms should ever be placed on a stove top or open flame, as this will result in cracks and breakage.

NOT Freezer Safe

Our stoneware is not designed to go into the freezer, and doing so may result in cracks and splitting, especially when filled with a liquid.

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